Building Business Systems: Banking and Bookkeeping

Your Bank Where you bank affects your ability to accept certain payment methods and issue payments to other companies. Your physical location also affects your choice of bank. Having a branch office nearby can be convenient for non-mobile deposits and meetings related to lines of credit. Don’t overthink where you bank, and ask yourself the following […]

Building Business Systems: Payment Methods

man holding credit cards and title

Payment Methods There are many ways to build business systems. Over the next several articles, we’ll present different elements that makeup one business-system framework from which you can benefit, customize for your use case, and extend as you grow. When we say business systems, we’re referring to the methods, procedures, tools (software, websites, apps, devices), format, […]

Steps to Create a Scalable Website Using WordPress®

Step 1 – Get A Domain Name Pick a domain name where people will find you online. Do a quick online search and try to pick a domain name that will be unique. Search a domain registrar, like Google® Domains2, to see if your chosen name is available. Choose privacy protection if the feature is available. […]