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About Us

What Matters to Us

For organizations and professionals to have a more meaningful impact on their communities.

Why it Matters

The social work profession is growing, however there are a lack of resources guiding the supervisors training the next generation of workers.

What We Do to Address It

At the Supervision Exchange,  we emphasize social worker supervisor competency and capacity so they in turn have significant impact on the professionals and organizations they oversee.  Some examples of how we do this include:

  • Connecting Supervisees with Supervisors – scheduling feature pending!
  • Resource Hub 
  • Training Center
Excerpt from our Core Ideology

We believe all professionals have something to learn and have something to contribute. We desire for all professionals to be competent, informed, equipped, and empowered to grow and collaborate. We hope professionals will be seekers and improvers. 

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University Affiliations

Affiliation Agreements via Schools of Social Work and are held with Kovir LLC for internal internships. We keep these schools apprised of the opportunities happening with Kovir and the Supervision Exchange.

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