Looking for a Supervisor?

Supervisors, Join the Guild

While the Directory connects supervisors with supervisees, the guild is a space is crafted for social workers providing…

  • Supervision to Staff,
  • Supervision to Interns, 
  • Supervision as a Service to Limited Licensed Social Worker, or
  • Looking to get started as a Supervisor.

With an Annual Guild Membership, you’ll enjoy the following at no extra cost:

  • Quarterly CEs about Supervision,
  • Catalog of past sessions,
  • Monthly Group Consultations,
  • A download library with contracts, topics, requirement guidelines, and more,
  • Member led blog full of experiences, helpful tips, and good stories,
  • Get a public listing for supervisee’s to request your services,
  • Recommendations for supervision “tech,”
  • Networking,
  • And more coming!


Guild Membership
$ 15 Monthly
  • Public Listing for the Month
  • Member Led Blog
  • File Library
  • Group Consultation
  • Past Webinars
  • Groups & Forums
  • Submit Content


Guild Membership
$ 40 Quarterly
  • Public Listing for the Quarter
  • 1 Live CE
  • Everything from Monthly


Guild Membership
$ 97 Annually
  • Public Listing for the Year
  • 4 Live CEs
  • Everything from Monthly

University Affiliations

Affiliation Agreements via Schools of Social Work and are held with Kovir LLC for internal internships. We keep these schools apprised of the opportunities happening with Kovir and the Supervision Exchange.

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